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Sotareño //Album released on
Sunnyside records 2014
The album features Antonio Sanchez, 
Jaleel Shaw, Michael Rodriguez, Hans Glawischnig, Ludwig Afonso.

Vida Profunda //Album released on
Sunnyside records 2020
The album features Ruben Blades, Marta Gomez, Sara Serpa, Claudia Acuña, Luba Mason, Sofia Ribeiro, Lara Bello, Haydee Milanes, Gregoire Maret, Jonathan Blake, Michael Rodriguez, Keita Ogawa, Ricky Rodriguez, Peter Slavov, Samuel Torres, Tomoko Omura, Hadar Noiberg, 

Single "La Ultima Vez" feat Camila Meza

Recording pianist and composer of "Trombonsillo" included in the album Ethereal by Achilles Liarmakopoulos

Recording Pianist in "Tramontana" composed by Juan Andres Ospina

Composer of "Uncertainty" included in the album "Grit & Grace" by Jennifer Wharton

Recording pianist in "Razón de Vivir" included in the album Duos by Claudia Acuña.

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